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Custom Machining and Fabrication, Wire EDM, Machined, & Prototype Parts

Custom Machined Parts and Fabrication services in the Greater Charlotte Area


Having access to machining and fabrication technologies made in the USA is essential to countless businesses in the manufacturing and development sector. The ability to create custom parts facilitates your innovation and production, allowing you to improve the quality of your products and build more functional items. But few companies have the resources or facilities to do this alone. To create the highest caliber components, you need fully comprehensive access to a modern machining and fabrication suite. You will want to take advantage of the optimal tools and pieces of equipment so that you can achieve more with your developments. Fortunately, if you are based in or around the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, our team can provide you with all the machining solutions you require. 

About Us

 We are a Custom Machining and Fabrication company, and we are your go-to US-based suppliers of cutting-edge custom machined parts and fabrication services in the greater Charlotte area. Offering a full suite of custom machining services including the latest in wire EDM, laser cutting, waterjet, and bending, we have all the resources required to facilitate your engineering goals. Our services are available to all local engineers, developers and manufacturers at full disposal, and our team is always glad to serve. We solely operate to aid ambitious companies in developing quality products and parts, exploring diverse opportunities through the capabilities of our state-of-the-art establishment.

machine driller drilling the metal

Our Services

You can count on us for any needs you have in machining and fabrication, regardless of the industry you operate within. We aid a diverse variety of clients and are constantly working alongside them in furthering their innovation. Our team has a wealth of experience and understanding to offer, which will no doubt serve you well in finding optimal ways to use the technologies we have available. Moreover, we can offer you our assistance with reverse engineering and product design services, which has helped countless other clients explore new possibilities within their field.

Custom machined part by Dyna Tech

Custom Machined Parts and Rush Orders

At Dyna-Tech, not only do we promise our clients of the highest caliber, customized machined parts, we also guarantee rapid turnaround. We understand that sometimes, you require urgent support to comply with your business or project goals. We know that you may need access to our facilities at a moment’s notice and that is why we gladly offer rush orders to all our customers. You can place a rush order with our team and expect an incredibly fast lead time, more often than not being within 24 hours. So, when you need immediate access to quality custom machining, you should always be coming to us.

machine cutter cutting the metal

Custom Fabrication

Just as much so, when you require custom fabrication services, we can assure you of the same swift and premium standards. Our selection of fabrication solutions is broad and all-encompassing, covering every aspect of the area you could possibly need. Using our certified materials, you can fabricate any customized parts or products you require through our cutting, forming and finishing. Just be sure to share your requirements and specifications with us, so that we can ensure your quality parts are delivered on time.


Design and Reverse Engineering

Or, if you specifically want our expertise in designing and analysis, you may be pleased to hear that we offer both custom design services and reverse engineering services. Our knowledge and experience will be more than enough to help you better understand, assess, and develop your parts and products. So, place your faith in us and inquire about our design and reverse engineering solutions, now.

Wire EDM DynaTech

Wire EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining

Here, at Dyna-Tech, we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of modern fabrication in Charlotte, NC. That is because we offer the most contemporary and functional technologies on the market. For example, our wire electrical discharge machining facilities truly are one of the most effective modern fabrication tools you are going to come across, today. Allowing a level of exactitude much greater than any other type of system, Wire EDM is as good as it comes. And you can count on us to supply these facilities to you, whenever you need them.

water jet machine cutting the metal

Waterjet Cutting

One popular fabrication tool that we utilize in our operation is the waterjet cutting system. A cutting-edge piece of technology, waterjet systems allow our clients to make precision parts and products from materials of their choosing. This is one of the most exact and reliable pieces of equipment in modern fabrication and will no doubt allow you to achieve any specifications you have designed. Simply discuss your waterjet fabrication needs today and we can arrange the ideal solution for you.

laser cutting the metal

Laser Cutting

Equally, if you require any solutions in laser cutting, you can expect the finest from our facilities. Our fabrication suite has modern, industry-grade laser fabrication tools that are capable of replicating any designs you wish to produce. They are incredibly precise, repeatable, cost-effective, and reliable, meaning that they may make the perfect asset to your manufacturing process. So, take the time to speak to us about our laser cutting capabilities today and assure yourself of a better way to fabricate your parts. 

“I have been using the services and facilities of Dyna-Tech for many years now. Thanks to their support, I have been able to make some incredible developments with my products and have come a long way over the years. They are highly reputable, experienced, and valuable for any Charlotte company.” – Brian T

“I would recommend the services of Dyna-Tech to any local business. Their end-to-end support has been a huge help during crunch-time developments and their knowledge is a cut above the rest.” – Leena R

“Dyna-Tech frequently provides me with their exemplary laser cutting fabrication services. With their state-of-the-art tools, laser cutting steel is easy, and building my product components can be achieved fast, without any hassle.” – Mickey L

Call Us Today

When you require a full suite of custom machining services including the latest in wire EDM, Laser, and Waterjet, for quality parts delivered on time, there is no better team to turn to than ours. So, contact us today, at Dyna-Tech, and discover how we could help you better achieve your manufacturing and development goals.

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