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Custom Fabrication

If you have been in search of a reliable and reputable partner in custom metal fabrication, you have come to the right place. We are our leading provider of custom fabrication in Charlotte, North Carolina, and are here to cater to all your needs. Our team has been working in fabrication for many years, garnering a wealth of experience and ability in the process. Currently, we operate a fully comprehensive fabrication suite, able to deliver essential products and components to our diverse array of clients. And we could do just the same for you too, regardless of your industry or project plans. With us, you gain access to competent professionals, capable enough to comply with any designs or blueprints. So, discuss your fabrication requirements with a member of our team today and discover how we may be able to support you. 

Comprehensive Custom Fabrication 

The reason we believe we have what it takes to deliver on your fabrication needs is that we offer fully comprehensive custom services, of the highest caliber. We frequently serve a wide variety of clients with a range of products produced in house each week. Our team works to serve each one precisely, ensuring that we comply with each unique design sent to us with the utmost exactitude. We recognize the importance of our role in achieving your company operations and so, strive to produce the best for you, on every task. Therefore, you can count on us 


Our cutting facilities are capable of delivering maximum accuracy on designs they are programmed to execute. We take raw metals and fabricate them to precise specifications so that they can offer you the greatest efficacy. Whether you are hoping to create a smaller part or component for a wider structure, or you need to cut out a large sheet, it will do it absolutely perfectly. We leave no room for discrepancies, ensuring every single cut is done exactly as you intend it to be. So, do not hesitate to present us with your cutting plans, as we would be glad to handle them. 


Furthermore, we operate state-of-the-art material forming technologies, which can produce products that deliver on their real-world application expectations. We have the means to deliver any type of forming for your plans, including rolling, extrusion, stamping, forging, and casting tools. Therefore, regardless of the specifics of your design, we are certain that you will be capable of realizing them when you work with us. 


And, before your products and components are ready to be delivered to you, we insist on finishing them to the necessary degree. In order to produce optimally resistant, integral, and longevous fabrications, we pay great attention to our finishing approach. This may include painting, powder coating, washing, blasting, heating, or anodizing, depending on the specification of your project plans. Just be sure to share these with us, so that we may present you the most suitable products for your intentions.

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